Canon Lens Rebate Update

I just received an email announcing a Canon lens rebate that expires on March 30, 2013.  The rebate announcement came from an online vendor that I have been using for many years.

Being the Canon camera geek that I am, I decided to click the link in the email and see what Canon lens I could get at a nice discount with a rebate.  These are the lenses that I have reviewed and were included in the rebate offers.

The rebate amounts on the lenses  are as follows. The 85mm f-1.8 is a $50 rebate.  The Canon 70-200 f -4 is a $150 rebate and the 70-200 f-2.8 is a whopping $300 rebate.  This does initially interesting when I first heard it.

Rebates Other Than a Canon Lens Rebate

There were also rebates on other Canon camera accessories.There were rebate offers on 3 of the Canon Speedlites I have written about too.

The Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT Speedlite rebate is worth $50.  The rebate on the Canon 430EX-II is $30 and the rebate on the 270EX-II is worth $15. 

Here is the interesting aspect of this rebate.  I decided to do a price comparison between the instant rebate given by this major on-line camera equipment retailer and Amazon.  

Surprise!  The prices of the lenses on Amazon were the same prices as the on-line camera equipment retailer after the rebates were applied.

I guess you could call that an interesting marketing technique.

The content below is just a test Blog that I wrote in September of 2012.  

Ironically I received an email from a major on line retailer of Canon camera equipment in February of 2013, announcing a Canon rebate which included lenses and other Canon equipment, including a few of the Canon Speedlite options I have written about. 

The old Canon Lens Rebate program is all but over at this point.

Canon promoted many of their camera lenses by offering rebates when purchased. I never participated in a Canon rebate promotion because it was before I turned into a Canon camera enthusiast.

This blog post is just a test of the functioning of the blogging system set up for

The three main topics covered within the Canon Camera Reviews subject matter of this site are:

Best Canon Camera. Which is the best Canon camera to buy for you, not necessarily the one that gets the greatest review on a dedicated camera review site.

Canon Camera Lenses. Not the confusing, scientific date incorporated in many Canon camera lens reviews, but the practical evaluation to see if a certain Canon lens is right for you.

Canon Camera Accessories. The Canon accessories and also the non-Canon accessories that will help you take better photos and have more fun while doing it.

Canon does sell directly from its website and does have promotions on Cameras, lenses and Speedlites that they label Instant Lens and Speedlite rebate.

Shoot more photos.

Watch less TV


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