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A few more Canon t3i comments are needed after I recently talked to yet another photographer using a Canon EOS Rebel t3i.  

It seems that I run into people everywhere who like this camera.  

The most recent encounter was at a wedding.

The Rebel t3i was first announced late 2010 and actively marketed in 2011 and remains quite popular to this day.

Canon t3i Comments from a Wedding Videographer

I was a guest at a wedding last Saturday.  It was nice not to be shooting the wedding.  I was there just to enjoy the festivities, the food, and perhaps a Perfect Manhattan or two.

Whenever I attend weddings as a guest and not as the photographer, I still find myself watching the photographer, how she works, the decisions she makes and yes, even the equipment she uses.

I've never officially researched the number one brand of camera chosen by wedding photographers, but I believe it is Canon.  At this wedding, I happened to bump into the videographers. 

I happened to find myself positioned next to them immediately after the ceremony and couldn't help but notice what they were using.  We engaged in a short discussion and they relayed their delight with the size of the camera and it's excellent video quality.

Manual control over audio, auto-focus during recording, and an external microphone jack are three of the features that make this camera a viable tool for professionally marketable video quality.  

There are 64 levels of microphone sensitivity to choose from.

Here is a short Youtube video showing the video quality this camera produces.  If a little ad appears on the video, just click the little "x" to close it. 

Here is the direct link to the video Youtube video of t3i

I liked that video so much, I added another video on the video quality

Canon t3i Comments From a Photography Workshop

You can always learn from other photographers and I enjoy attending photography trade shows, seminars, and workshops whenever I can.  Not only can you learn from the presenters on specific topics, but you also get a chance to interact with other photographers at the event.

At a lecture on publishing your own photography book, I set down next to a beginner photographer who had just purchased a brand new t3i and the 18-55 kit lens. He had been recently assigned the task of shooting photos for his company.

This newbie photographer did his due diligence, researched and read a lot of reviews and came up with this Rebel camera as his number one choice. Although he only had his new camera in his possession for a few weeks, he had already given it a good workout several times and was excited about the results he was getting.

You can learn a lot of what's good and bad about the Canon Rebel t3i and just about any product by reading what other buyers have give as feedback.

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