Canon Rebel t3i Bundle

Canon Rebel t3i bundle

There are several Canon Rebel t3i bundle variations worth considering. The priciest come with a camera, two lenses and a variety of smaller accessories.  

The most affordable come with  just a few accessories. Obviously it depends on what you already have in your collection.

The Canon 3ti was released early in 2011 and is still to this day very popular and even more affordable than it was at  the time of its launch.

At the time of this writing the most expensive collections that include a t3i body and its accessories was a little under $900 and the most affordable was around $500.

Best Rebel t3i Bundle

What's the best Rebel t3i for your situation? It's certainly ridiculously affordable, now that it's been so long since it was introduced.

Agreed, the technology is "outdated" based on the rate of change in abilities of new cameras, but you can take amazing images with this camera.

Once you've got a decent tool in your hands, like a Rebel t3i or other similar Canon, it's up to you to use the right technique.

It might be very useful to make a quick written list. If you are a first time buyer of Canon equipment than you can skip this first step.

Go straight to the recommendations. The highest rated bundles usually are not overloaded with too many accessories.

They come with the t3i body, the standard 18-55mm lens and sometimes just a few other accessories.

As an Amazon affiliate Canon Camera Geek receives a small commission from qualifying purchases, at NO added cost to you.

Simplest Canon EOS t3i Bundle

There are even bundles for the Canon t3i that are built around tripods

Sometimes it just makes sense to keep it simple and the simplest package is usually also the cheapest.  

The Canon t3i body combined with the 18-55mm kit lens still remains as one of the all-time most popular Canon Rebel t3i bundles of all time.

This simple bundle gets a 94% Canon Camera Geek rating which is quite high based on its current price tag.  

Also popular for just about $100 more are the bundles that give you the t3i body, the 18-55mm lens, and the 55-250mm lens.

Also bundled in are a decent t3i camera bag, extra memory card, spare battery, tripod and lens cleaning accessories.

You can click the photo for more details and get reviews about this collection.

Accessory Bundles Without the t3i body

These are the most popular for photographers who've already had a chance to use their camera for a while but realize the need to add just a few things to their t3i to get the most out of using it.

Often they have a specific need in mind and are bundled with battery, or lens, or tripod related gadgets that are packaged together.

There are even specific bundles that are a collection of lens caps or are built around the 55-250 Canon lens.

It is a good idea to have a written list before you look at the specific packages.  After your wish list is complete, then peruse what's out there in the marketplace.

At that point you might trigger a few ideas on one or two accessories that you could have forgotten.  If you look at the side columns on this page you'll see some of the possibilities for gadgets that you might want to include in your collection.

Recommendations?  There are quite a few options available on Amazon. Here are the t3i bundles that made my short list:

Most complicated Rebel Accessory Bundle

Here is the winner of the colossal Rebel bundle award.

In my research I found a heavily loaded bundle with a huge assortment of gadgets and accessories marketed toward the Canon Rebel user.  Take a look at the collection of accessories in the photo of this bundle. It is marketed on Amazon as:


Here is the most complicated Canon Rebel accessory bundle that I found

For the majority of photographers I think it is safe to say this is serious overkill for a combined package.

Two tripods, two straps, two batteries, 3 HD filters and 4 macro filters, two screw-on lenses, a home and a travel charger, and a partridge in a pear tree.  And that is not even half of the gadgets in the group.

Individually, there are many valuable add-ons here. I am just not sure how many photographers would want and need the variety of gizmos include in this bundle. Perhaps it would be a great value to purchase and share with another photographer.

In additional to considering and looking for a specific a Canon Rebel t3i bundle, you can also research individual Canon t3i accessories or read more about Canon t3i lenses.    

Depending on your situation and what you already have, a Canon Rebel t3i bundle may be too much and you may be better served by seeking one or two individual camera gadgets.

What can come in a Canon Rebel t3i bundle

Here's a detailed list of possible t3i accessories that you can look for in a bundle:

  • Macro filters - A cheap way to get closer with macro photography.
  • Lens cleaning cloth - Dirty lenses reduce sharpness and contrast in your photos.
  • Memory card - another must-have accessory.
  • Speedlite diffuser - improves flash photography dramatically.
  • Remote shoe cord - get the flash away from the camera and bounce it.
  • Monopod - compact, easy to carry, great for shooting video with your Canon t3i.
  • Flash bracket - gets the flash farther from the lens and no more red-eye.
  • Dust blower - Dust is the photographer's enemy.
  • Remote trigger - Self portraits, nature photography and vibration-free photos on a tripod.
  • The 18-55mm lens.
  • The 50-250mm telephoto zoom lens for sports and wildlife.
  • Tripod - Night photography, macro photography, and shooting video.
  • Camera Bag to hold all of your accessories.
  • Spare batteries -  at least one is a necessity.
  • Flash - External flashes are more powerful and more versatile than the pop-up flash.
  • Battery Grip - Extra shooting capacity and vertical controls on your T3i.
  • Filters - lens protection and special effects.

Whatever Canon Rebel t3i bundle you get remember to shoot more photos. have a blast.  Shoot a Canon!

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