Canon t3i Specs

Canon t3i specs on LCD screen

Here are the Canon t3i specs.  

They are impressive for a camera that was released early in 2011.  

Although it was released in 2011, it is still selling well because of its affordable price tag.

These are the important specifications are below.

18.0 megapixel

Max ISO 12,800

SD Memory Cards

1/4,000 second


Weighs 18.2 ounces

9 Focus Points

1080p HD Video

1.6 Crop Factor

Optical Viewfinder

Digic 4 Processor

3 Inch LCD

3.7 frames per second

Canon t3i Specs - Warning

Don't become obsessed with numbers.  The most successful photographers are great artists, not great technicians.

I am just as guilty as the next guy on this one, but I have gotten better. Don't get me wrong-specifications are important.  They give us objective numbers that are a very useful in doing comparisons between one Canon camera model and another.

We just don't want too get preoccupied with numbers.  Realize the very most important consideration is if a camera has the features and performance we need to create images that meet our expectations.

Unfortunately, price point is something we all have to focus on too, but now that newer Canon camera models have been introduced, the technologically sound Rebel t3i has great value at its current price

You, the photographer are the most important element in taking a good photograph.

As an example the maximum burst rate is 3.7 frames per second with the Canon Rebel t3i. The Canon t4i has a maximum frame rate of 5.0 frames per second.  That's 35 % faster.

The question comes up if you will ever need that much speed.  If you never shoot fast action sequences, that specification should be dismissed because it is irrelevant to your picture taking needs.

Here is more about Camera Specifications.

Best Canon t3i Specs

The 3 specifications that matter most are the sensor specs, the number of focus points and the LCD screen size.  

My first DSLR had a 3.7 megapixel 2/3 " sensor and I was able to print photographs to 16x20 with excellent quality.

Unless you are shooting professionally and need a very large resulting image, all of the current Canon APS-C sensors are big enough to handle all of your needs.


My rist DSLR was not a Canon t3i

My first DSLR was an Olympus E10, not even 1/4 the sensor size of the T3i.

The minute differences in noise at the the higher ISO settings become important in low light situations.

If you don't shoot in low light situations, you have another irrelevant specification.

In addition to investigating specifications on the Canon Rebel t3i, it is also useful to get positive and negative feedback from owners of the t3i.  I frequently go to Amazon to read reviews on just about every single product I buy.  

Amazon sells more than anybody else so they have more reviews and you can get a good sampling of all of the good features as well as any issues to be concerned about.

Canon Rebel t3i and related accessories on Amazon

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