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    Hi!! I am a beginner photographer and have recently become very interested in the world of sports photography and videography. I would mainly be shooting

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    Jul 02, 22 07:30 AM

    I am taking a trip to Alaska and will be taking pictures of wildlife (think brown bear). I have a canon 70D and will be using a canon 2.8 70-200 lens with

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    Helpful list of the 7 Best Choices for a Canon camera for landscape photography. The 3 most important features for shooting stunning landscapes + sample photos

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    Jun 28, 22 01:18 PM

    Are they any good and how do Canon extnesion tubes work? Should you get the tubes made by a 3rd party or go with the extension tubes made by Canon

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  6. What Is The Canon 17mm Tilt Shift Lens Used For. Pluses and Minuses.

    Jun 26, 22 04:17 PM

    Also called a Perspective Control lens, what is the canon 17mm tilt shift lens used for

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