Canon g7x vs g1x mark II

For me the Canon g7x vs g1x Mark II comparison is an intriguing one.  

I've done comparisons of the G1X Mark II against the original G1X, against the G11, and also against the Sony RX100 Mark III, but this comparison is of two cameras that should appeal to similar groups of photographers and the prices are fairly similar too.

Both of these cameras have much larger sensors than the postage stamp sized sensors of the original "g" series camera.  

Both the G7x and the G1x Mark II are marketed as pocket cameras with better quality than the typical point and shoot camera.

They both have the same Digic 6 processors, permanent zoom lenses and big 3.0 inch usable touch LCD screens, although the G7x screen does not tilt-not a big deal for many photographers.

The G1x Mark II and G7x Quick Specs That Matter

Canon G7X

1.0 Inch Sensor

20 Megapixels

3 Inch LCD screen

Digic 6 Processor

11 Ounces

4.1 x 2.4 x 1.6 in.

Canon G1X Mark II

1.5 inch Sensor

13 Megapixels

3 Inch LCD screen -Optional EVF Finder

Digic 6 Processor

20 Ounces

4.6 x 2.9 x 2.6 in

Canon g7x vs g1x Mark II Conclusion

For my own personal tastes, it was a no-brainer to go with the G1x Mark II for three reason.

1.  THE HOT SHOE.  I've never been a fan of built-in flashes, ever.  Their output power is wimpy. They're too close to the lens, giving harsh shadows and unflattering light. One of the must-haves for me is the ability to use an external flash on a hot shoe with bounce light capabilities.  I use my compact 270EX II and it works great with the G1X Mark II.

2.  THE ELECTRONIC VIEWFINDER.  The whole experience of using a camera is so much better for me when I can look through a viewfinder. I was reluctant to spend the extra $250 on the EVF viewfinder but it is one of the best camera accessories I've ever purchased.

3.  SIZE MATTERS.  The 1.5 inch sensor is almost as big as an APS-C sensor. Canon only put 13 megapixels on the senor, but they are bigger (4.2 microns) and better at collecting light.  

Image quality is very important to me and there is always a direct correlation between overall sensor size and image quality, especially in low light situations.

But that's my bias. If you really want a camera that fits in your pocket easily the G7x is clearly the better choice.  The 1 inch sensor is far superior, almost 3x as big as the typical point and shoot camera sensor.

The 4x zoom is adequate for a large number of photo situations and 20 megapixels will give you great detail in your photos, particularly in good lighting situations. The G7x earned a Silver Award from DPReview. Have a blast with your photography.  Keep it fun!

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