Using the Canon G1x Mark II and the Speedlite 270EX II

You can get professional results by using the Canon G1x Mark II and the Speedlite 270EX II even though both of these pieces of camera equipment are considered compact.

There are certain situations where I still want professional-like results without lugging around my DSLR bodies and full-sized flash units.

The photo below was taken at my niece's wedding, with a 270EX II Speedlight and a Canon G1X Mark II.

group portrait taken with Canon G1X Mark II - 270EX II Speedlight combination

I had to use direct flash. The ceiling was too high in this "reception hall" so there was no practical way for me to get any help with bounce lighting.  Since the people in the front are so much closer to the flash, I had to adjust the brightness levels in Photoshop so the lighting was more even from front to back.

The built-in pop-up flashes that come in cameras like the G1X Mark II are simple too small and wimpy to get good results.  That is the reason I always have a 270EX II flash with me if there is any chance I'll be taking photos in dark situations.

Carrying the Canon G1X Mark II and the Speedlite 270EX II Together

I am a dreamer and I've been searching for the perfect case that will protect the G1X Mark II camera with the EVF viewfinder still attached.  Good luck with that one, Canon Geek.

I recently purchased a Tokina case designed for the "g" series of Canon cameras and it worked well for my trip to North Carolina.  The trip wasn't one of my typical photo excursions and I wanted to travel WITHOUT a DSLR, a rare event for me.

I was looking for a case that could handle the camera and all the G1X Mark II accessories; the EVF viewfinder, the 270EX II flash, spare camera battery, and extra flash batteries, in the smallest package available.

G1X Mark II accessories case fits the G1X Mark II, the EVF DC1 Viewfinder, the 270Ex II Speedlite and extra batteries.  It's secured with both the velcro belt loop + shoulder strap attached.

One of the secondary wishes for the right camera case for my G1X Mark II is that it can be securely attached to my body.  I like to dance with energy at weddings and I don't want to leave my camera unattended.

The Tokina case has both a velcro belt attachment AND a shoulder strap.  This was the first time I tested this combination and it worked like a charm.  The waist level supported the majority of the weight of the camera, flash, and EVF viewfinder and I adjusted the shoulder strap tightness to supply just the right amount of support with a secondary contact area from my shoulder.

You can definitely question my dancing abilities, but there was no question about my ability to dance with my G1X securely attached.

Bounce Lighting Using the G1X Mark II and the 270EX II

Powershot G1X Mark II With 270EX II attached to hot shoe

There are two way to get nice bounce lighting with the Canon G1X Mark II and the Speedlite 270EX II combo.  The traditional way involves mounting the 270EX II onto the G1X Mark II hot shoe.  It has bounce angle capabilities of 60°, 75° and 90.°

The second way is to attached the 270EX II Speedlite to the off-camera shoe cord.  The camera is light enough to easily hold with one hand and aim the flash at a large surface to get the softer bounce lighting.

This gives you tremendous flexibility in both the position as well as the angle of your external flash gun. I've done this second technique several times with my first Canon "G" series camera the G-11 but have not done so yet with my G1X Mark II.

Powershot G1X Mark II With 270EX II attached to off-camera shoe cord

I know I rambled on a bit with this article but I hoped you still got something good out of it.

Just remember to have fun as you play around with digital photography equipment.  


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