Went Running With The G1X Mark II

Canon G1x Mark ii with running shoes

I went running with the G1x Mark II. You might be wondering why.  

Have you ever gotten a new toy and just want to play with it?  

You've likely heard the saying: "the only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys."

My wife will tend you that this saying contains pure truth in my case.  My "toys" are usually some sort of photography equipment. Although I can always justify buying cameras and accessories as an investment in my business, I am guilty of buying lots of gadgets that are are wants and not really needs.

Canon g1x mark ii with screen tilted

I wanted to get an upgrade from my Canon G11 and the G12, G15 and G16 were not significant upgrades.  

The original G1x was a big upgrade but had some issues, so when the G1x Mark II was introduced I knew I was in for a purchase.

I am lucky to have some nice wooded trails only a few miles away and I decided to take my new Canon g1x Mark II out for a run. 

I didn't want to interrupt my workout but this was too tempting.

The mountain Laurel was blooming along the path.  I had to stop.

I did a quick hand-held macro shot and was pleased with the sharpness.  It was an overcast day and I was under a fairly deep canopy of leaves.

I adjustable the ISO all the way up to 3200 to get 1/100 second at f/8. I was stunned by the lack of noise from the camera's jpg.  I didn't even bother to look at the RAW file.  Did I mention how much I like this camera?  

Here  are the video clips from running with the G1x Mark II:

This is a video clip running downhill, crossing a stream, then running uphill on one of the many paths in the park.

In the next G1x Mark II video you can really hear the road noise from an adjacent highway about 50 ft. from this particular trail.  When shooting a silent scene, the noise from the G1X Mark II zoom lens is annoying, for sure.

Unlike the first G1X Mark II video, in this 2nd video I did a better job of not giving you vertigo when you watch it.

What did I learn about shooting videos with the Canon G1x Mark II?  The folding LCD screen was useful and is big and very bright. I do like the fully articulating screen like the 70D has quite a bit more.  

The auto-focusing was responsive.  Using a tripod, monopod, or stabilizing bracket would make a marked improvement in the quality of the finished video.

Steadycam camera stabilizerSteadycam

I am a total rookie, as you can see, when it comes to shooting video.  

I don't have any of the stabilizing brackets like a Steadicam. I am not an expert at video editing.  Heck, I don't even have any video lights.

But I did have some fun and I got a good workout.  I am hoping I don't get too many thumbs down votes on YouTube. 

Practical Applications for Running with the Canon G1x Mark II?

So, can you think of any practical applications for running with the G1x?  Who cares?  I was out for fun and that's really the reason I left engineering school and a potential lucrative career and pursued a career as a photographer.

So, what's the message here?  Have a childlike enthusiasm for a little play time with your photography.  Experiment with a different kind of photography like macro, or night time photography, or motion blur.  

Even if it's not as physically demanding as running with the G1x Mark II, it can be emotionally beneficial to take the perspective of a kid. Pretend you are a 9 year old with your very first camera in your hands.

Now, go have some fun with your photography! Shoot your Canon!

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