Canon BG-ED3 Battery Grip

Here is a Canon 10D with and without a Canon BG-ED3 Battery grip.  Battery grips really do have an impact on the balance, weight and size when you shoot with one.  

For a complete look at all of them go to the of the Canon Battery Grip page and there are links to the battery grips BG-E3 through BG-E13.

Canon 10D With and Without a BG-ED3 Battery Grip Attached

One of the surprising benefits of using a grip is that there is a tendency to have less camera shake because of the added weight.  The added battery capacity is commonly what most people think of as the primary benefit.

The second biggest benefit are the addition of the vertical controls.  When used vertically, the grip gives you a second shutter release and primary control wheel.  This accessory also has a button for Flash Exposure Lock and Focus Point Selection.

The on-off  switch actually only deactivates the vertical controls-it does not prevent the BG-ED3 from powering the camera.

Canon BG-ED3 Battery Grip

The Canon BG-ED3  Grip works with the Canon 10D, the Canon D30 and D60 cameras.  It takes the BP-511 batteries and, unlike the other battery grips, does not an option for using AA batteries.

The BG-ED3 is one of the original battery grips made by Canon and is not readily available.  There are a few used ones on ebay and Amazon but you'll be very hard-pressed to find one new.

That's likely not a big deal if you are still shooting with a Canon 10D.  If you are shooting with a D30 or D60, it might be time to upgrade to a newer camera anyway.

Battery grips double the length of shooting time.   The 10D, D30 and D60 do not have video capabilities

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