My Best Fathers Day Gift 

My Best Fathers Day Gift is not a new Canon Camera.  

What, you may say.

Aren't you a big fan of Canon cameras and accessories? Aren't you a photographer, Bruce?

Yes, I am  a photographer and a canon camera geek. No, I don't want a new Canon for two reasons.  

Your Best Fathers Day Gift Shouldn't be a Camera

Okay, I admit it.  Now that I am older, any I hope maybe a little bit wiser, I am a little more focused on the experiences we can share with family and less about the material things we can get.

Cameras can be a great way to enhance and record the experience of Father's Day.

While it's true I do promote photography as a great tool to share and a good camera is needed to capture the best memories, perhaps we should remember the reason for the holiday.

For Mother's Day, my Mom's favorite gift is a quiet breakfast for two with her son (that's me).  She doesn't want flowers or candy or a bottle of perfume.

I Buy my Own Favorite Canon Cameras

I do a lot of research on cameras for professional and recreational use.

I am naturally more qualified than my wonderful children on the best camera model that suits my needs.

My family knows the only thing I request on Father's Day is family time.

But you can be different than me.

Give yourself a camera for Father's Day.

That often means we go play tennis as a family.

It's a healthy physical activity we can all participate together.  

Family time was important with my father and I understand why.  We are all here for a limited time.  He's been dead for over 30 years now.  I do have many photographs of him and I do treasure them.

I encourage you to keep a camera with you at all times and record those memories.

I know this is supposed to be a camera review site and not a personal blog, but I couldn't resist.

Gifts are nice to receive and I give them as well.  My wife and I have given cameras to our kids many times.  Just remember being alive is a gift to enjoy your family time too.

Happy Father's Day!

Shoot more photos.

Watch less TV


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Written by Bruce Lovelace

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