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You hear two conflicting statements about the need for the very best PowerShot Accessories. Which way do you choose to go?

Great accessories don't mean great photographs.

1. The best accessories are not always the most expensive.  It's easy to get caught up in expensive gizmos and gadgets and forget it's the photographer not the camera that should get most of the credit for a great photograph.

Give a great photographer a point and shoot and he still may get some great shots. Look at the work of Richard Avedon, Edward Weston, Jay Maissel.

They are truly talented photographers who created remarkable photographs with the simplest of cameras.

Great accessories let you focus on the subject and not the camera.

2.  The right equipment makes the job so much easier.  Do you think the top race car drivers would finish first if they drove the Indianapolis 500 with flat tires or small engines in their cars?

Likewise, if you are doing bird photography, you either need a super powerful zoom lens or a wireless remote shutter release and a tripod to get your camera in close enough.

You need the right accessory when photograhing birds. Either a very powerful zoom lens or a wirelss remote control shutter release and a tripod

There are certain Canon  PowerShot accessories that are necessities when you are shooting a large number of photos in a brief time frame.

A back-up battery is very easy to carry along and is a must if your original battery is old or if you will be shooting a lot of photos or video.

Memory cards are extremely cheap, small and a must to have.  A small camera case that protects the camera and store the spare battery and memory card would be third on a list of important accessories.  

The accessory kits are one of the best values you can buy if you need the specific items that are included in them. The small camera cases are less than $10.

Three Best Powershot Accessories

The three most common PowerShot accessories are spare batteries, memory cards and camera cases. DSLR accessories bring a different level of gadgets to get.

Aside from lenses, professional photographers might tell you that Canon battery grips and Speedlites are the best accessories for Canon DSLR cameras. If you are planning on doing any night photography or shooting any video with you PowerShot camera, than a lightweight tripod is next in line to consider for best accessory.

Whatever accessories, gadgets, and related camera equipment you use, make sure to make it fun.  Have a blast! Shoot more photos. Watch less TV.

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