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This post is about batteries for Canon digital cameras. It's easy to get confused if you have a few different models of Canon cameras like I do. We're going to answer the common questions you have about Canon camera batteries.

Right now I am shooting with 3 different cameras that use 3 different batteries. I know what you're thinking. That's crazy! We'll explain that in a minute, but first a quick look at organizing your Canon batteries if you think you're in need of a backup battery.

If you're like me you don't want to waste time searching for the right battery when you're in the middle of a photo shoot. I use little sticky labels and apply them to the batteries so that I can tell, with a real quick glance, that I've got the right one.

You can also label your batteries by date, so that you know which is the freshest battery and which has the most capacity for the longest life. Here is a short video for you to help with staying organized with your batteries for your Canon digital cameras. 

I also use sticky labels on the front of my battery chargers.  I have the charges on a shelf in my office and with them easily identified I can insert the battery on the first try and not waste time with trying to engage a battery into the wrong charger.

do you have to use a Canon battery in your canon camera

You do not have to use Canon batteries in your Canon camera. There are many legitimate battery manufacturers that make high quality batteries that will power you Canon with no problems.

I started out as a Canon loyalist when it came to using their batteries.  Like I did, you can live and learn by your mistakes. Provided  any camera accessory is manufactured properly and it is fully compatible with ZERO difference in function , it make sense to go with a third party.

Batteries that don't have the Canon label stuck on it won't hurt your camera. You just need a battery that can power your camera with no issues.

why are canon batteries so expensive

Canon t3i batteryCanon t3i battery

My research found out that the actual cost to manufacture and package a typical digital camera battery is about $3. Yes, you read that right. That's a serious amount of markup and leaves a lot of room for profit.

There's enough of a common misconception that if it doesn't say Canon, it won't work in your camera. That concept creates enough of a demand to obligate photographers to buy Canon batteries. Don't get me wrong, Canon batteries are top quality, but there are plenty of other solid options. 

are canon batteries interchangeable?

All Canon batteries are not the same. Many of them are the same shape because the Canon cameras are built with similar designs. You can interchange Canon batteries with batteries marketed by other companies. Just double check to make sure they're compatible.

As you can see from the battery chart below there are some batteries that will fit in several different models of Canon cameras.

canon camera battery compatibility table

Canon battery compatibility tableNot all Canon batteries are interchangeable from camera to camera

Each Canon camera has its own design and has unique size dimensions as well as different spaces available inside its body. Batteries have to be matched to both fit in a specific location as well as provide a specific amount of power to the camera.

As an example, the EOS R mirrorless camera was designed to accept the same LP-E6 batteries as several of the Canon DSLR cameras as well as several of the Canon mirrorless "R" cameras, such as the R, the R5, the R6, the R7,  and Ra.

how to protect yourself against fake COUNTERFEIT canon batteries

As mentioned, third party batteries are fine provided they are purchased from a reputable company. You DO take a risk if you buy a fake Canon battery, that is a counterfeit that says it's a Canon battery, but is really a fake.

Any individual or company that is trying to fool you can't be trusted and you shouldn't trust the reliability or safety of using their batteries in your expensive Canon camera.

Here's a video that will help you

The most well known source of counterfeit batteries can be found on ebay. The easy clue to look for is a "Genuine Canon Battery" priced at the same low price of a legitimate 3rd party alternative.

Advice for Buying Batteries for Canon Digital Cameras

  1. TEST IT. Buy them and do a full test as soon as you get them.  This takes a little effort to drain a full battery. Shoot video, use the LCD screen continuously on a bright setting, and use the built-in flash frequently to give your new battery a good test.
  2. 3RD PARTY. Buy the NON-canon made batteries. Canon is a camera and lens maker not an expert at manufacturing and distributing batteries. Buy batteries from a company that focuses on batteries.
  3. SAVE. Save money and buy them at a discount electronics store, office supply store or get them from a large online retailer with a great return policy like Amazon.
  4. REVIEWS. Only buy from a website where there are plenty of positive reviews from the actual buyers who have purchased them.

As an Amazon affiliate I receive a small commission if you purchase through one of the links below. There is no added cost to you.

are Canon batteries made of lithium

Yes, and they are safe. You've heard the many horror stories of cell phone batteries overheating, flaming up and exploding. Have you ever heard of a digital camera catching on fire or exploding? No.

Reputable manufacturers put a lot of care into the safety of you camera batteries so that they don't overheat and they resist causing any electrical short circuiting

where are canon batteries made

Canon battery made in ChinaDate and origin stamped. Made in China in July of 2019

Canon corporation does not make its own batteries. Surprised? Don't be. The large majority of batteries are made in China. Canon is located in Japan. To the best of my knowledge and at the time of this post, Canon outsources their battery production to a single company in China.

You can look at the fine print on the label on your Canon battery and see where it was made.

The batteries that you buy that go directly in your Canon camera can also be used to power one of the Canon battery grips.

types of canon camera batteries

Canon has 4 different types of batteries they use for their EOS digital cameras. These come straight from the Canon Europe website:

  • NP SERIES. Large, high capacity for the professional series cameras
  • BP SERIES. For the consumer and semi-professional range
  • NB SERIES. Smaller and lighter than the BP series, for the lightweight consumer cameras
  • LP SERIES. The new professional range – lighter and higher capacity than the previous NP range

Canon Battery Grips

One of the popular camera accessories for Canon shooter is a battery grip.  They give you great access to the camera controls and settings while holding your camera in a vertical "portrait" orientation.

They also give you twice as much shooting capacity and give you a larger, heavier grip for those photographers who have big hands or want the added stability when using longer, heavier lenses.

Thanks for visiting my blog. To see some of my photos or watch some of the videos on Canon equipment, see the links in the signature block below.  Stay inspired. Make sure you're having fun. If you want to have a blast then shoot a Canon.

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