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Camera And Lens Recommendation For Event Photography

EOS R High ISO For Event Photography

EOS R High ISO For Event Photography

Good morning.

I'm writing for some recommendations. I do a lot of photography for my organization at events and we're in the market for a new digital camera. I'm looking for something that has a silent shutter and can shoot in low light without a flash (both of these are important in order to capture moments and subjects during meetings or events without being disruptive.) Along side of that I'm looking for a lens in which I can zoom in on people from across the room while they are speaking/presenting.

Do you have any recommendations for me?

Thank you for your time.


Hi Bridget, Thanks for asking about a camera and lens combination for shooting dimly lit events without a flash and with silent shooting. Generally speaking, you should look at a Canon camera with larger individual pixels. In other words not too many pixels jammed onto the sensor. Smaller pixels are not as good a collecting light as larger pixels.

All of the mirrorless cameras shoot in silent mode now and you can also silence your auto-focusing feature. See the full frame cameras below with reasonable pixel counts.

Canon camerass For Event Photography

Canon R. 30.3 MP
Canon R8. 24.2 MP
Canon R6 M II. This might be my next purchase. 24.2 Megapixel
Canon RP. Very affordable for a full frame camera. 26.2 MP
My Canon R7 has 30 MP jammed onto an APS-C crop sensor camera, but still has solid low light noise levels.

Canon lenses For Event Photography

24-70mm. A favorite for wedding photographers is the f/2.8 version of the 24-70mm
16-35mm. The f/2.8 version of the 16-35mm lens is a solid choice for shooting indoor events.
The Canon f/2.8 70-200mm is great for zooming in on your subjects from across the room. You'd want the RF version, not the EF version.

You have lots of choices, Bridget. Feel free to comment back.
Hope this helps!


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