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Canon 75-300mm Lens On Canon Rebel T100

by Steve
(Castorland NY 13620)

Canon Rebel T100 Camera

Canon Rebel T100 Camera

"will the canon 75-300mm zoom lens work on a canon eos rebel T100" - Steve

Hi Steve,

Thanks for asking if the Canon 75-300mm lens will be compatible with the Canon T100 camera. The Canon 75-300 is an EF lens, meaning that it gives you a larger image circle on the sensor in whatever Canon DSLR camera you want to use it on.

The Canon Rebel T100 has the smaller, APS-C "crop" sized sensor, so both the smaller EF-S And EF lenses (like the EF 75-300mm) will work on your Rebel T100.

EF and EF-S Compatibility

For a better understanding see the helpful posts on
Canon EF Versus EF-S Lenses
Canon Lens/Camera Compatibility

Canon 75-300

It's a great match with the T100 for shooting distant wildlife, action and sports, as well as perfect for portraits and headshots with it's 4x telephoto zoom focal length. There are 3 versions of the 75-300, with the Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III USM the most recent and highest quality.

Canon Rebel T100

Announced in 2018 at a remarkably affordable price point, the Rebel T100 is a great value for beginner DSLR shooters. Its APS-C sensor makes the very affordable EF-S lenses, as well as any used EF lenses, a great a great way to get involved in interchangeable lens cameras.

Steve, I hope this helps!
Happy shooting!

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by: Steve

Thank you for the reply on my question it helped a great deal.

Glad it helped!

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