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Canon Mark 7D ll Shutter Button With Video

by Brandon

Canon 7D Mark II Intervalometer Menu

Canon 7D Mark II Intervalometer Menu

Is there a way to use the shutter button in lieu of the Start/Stop button on the rear of the Canon Mark 7D ll; e.g. to allow use of an Intervalometer to hack the video timing limitations.

Hi Brandon,

Thanks for your question about using the shutter button for shooting video with the Canon 7D Mark II and its intervalometer capabilities. If I understand your question you want to shoot interval video clips? The 7D Mark II intervalometer is used to create videos from equally spaced individual captures.

I am posing your question here in case any other Canon Geek readers can help with this issue. I don't have any direct experience with this, but I don't think it can be done this way.

Canon 7D Mark II Intervalometer

One of the tricky parts of using an intervalometer is understanding how the timing of writing the files to the card can affect the interval, particularly with long exposures. The interval time must be longer than the time it takes for the file to be written to your memory card

There are NO limitations on the number of images you can shoot. Although the display shows just 2 digits, you can set the number to "UNLIMITED."

Brandon, feel free to get back to me if you need to clarify this.


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