Canon t7 Wireless Remote Choices

by Joshua Bradshaw
(Leeds, AL)

Canon t7 Remote

Canon t7 Remote

I have recently bought my wife a canon t7 to start her photography business and with us about to be going on vacation to the Bahamas. I'm wanting her to get some great family photos of us and the shutter remote isn't but a couple of feet long.

I been looking everywhere for a wireless shutter remote but can only find them for the Canon t7i,t6i,t5i and I don't know if it will still work on the basic t7.

Any help is greatly appreciated and she knows more than I do about this stuff, but wanting to surprise her with it instead of telling her I'm looking for one.... Reason I'm looking for a wireless shutter remote that will work with it so we can all be in the picture without having to be right up on it."

Hi Joshua,

Thanks for your question about getting a wireless remote shutter trigger for your Canon Rebel t7. Yes, the good news is that you have several options to trigger your t7 remotely. Of course, some folks use the cameras self timer function, that limits you somewhat and it can be awkward to get the timing of your exposure just right.

Used with a decent tripod, wireless remote will give you opportunities for shooting selfies on your vacation with your Rebel t7 as well as getting sharper images in different situations.

The Canon t7 is plenty popular enough that there is a good demand for wireless remotes for several sellers to market them. You can get high quality ones with additional features like time lapse and bulb mode or go with just a basic remote release for your t7. Here are just twp examples from one company that have good reviews: AODELAN Wireless Deluxe Remote and AODELAN Wireless Remote

Let me know how you make out with this,

Warm Regards,

Canon Rebel Accessories

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Video Recording With a Rebel EOS T7

by James Campbell
(Lancaster Ky USA)

Canon Rebel T7

Canon Rebel T7

Why does my camera stop recording video at 12 minutes?

Hi James,

Thanks for asking about video length with your Rebel T7. Although I don't own a Canon T7, this is what I understand about the 12 minute limit on recording video. First of all, it's not a defect, per se, with your T7 camera. It's a common limitation with many cameras have for shooting at 1080p-It's been upgraded to 30 minutes in newer cameras because of the feedback from photographers. It has to do with file sizes coming in around 4 gigabytes. Here is a video giving some tips on what to do: 12 minute limitation.

There are also work rounds, like Magic Lantern software. You can also shoot at lower video quality settings to get more minutes before the file size hits 4 gigabytes. There is a 30 minute limit due to certain tariffs in foreign countries, no matter what resolution you shoot at.

Hope that helps. Keep in touch,

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Transferring Canon T7 Photos
to Maintain Quality of The mage

by E
(Portland )

Canon t7 Memory Card Door

Canon t7 Memory Card Door

which is the best way to transfer your images from the T7 to the computer. Would it be a card reader, USB cord, or Wi-Fi?

Hi E,
Thanks for your question about transferring images from your Canon T7 to your computer. I personally like the card reader method, but it's really about your personal likes that matters. There is no difference in maintaining the quality of the image in these 3 methods. They all will copy the full file from your T7 to your computer.

Transfer Images with Card Reader

This is the fastest, but for some people, the most effort. You must make sure your camera is off first. Then you must release the memory card door, release the card, insert it into the reader, and then insert the reader into a USB port on your computer. How awkward that is depends on where the USB terminals are on your computer.

For me, I have card slots in both my desktop and my laptop computers that I can directly insert my memory card into, without a separate card reader.

T7 Image Transfer With USB Cord

This method was popular early on the world of digital photography when some early model digital cameras had memory cards that were not removable from the camera. If you don't want to have to physically handle the memory card, this could be a good option for you. It's likely a bit slower, but most of us aren't in such a super hurry that the time to transfer is that annoying.

Transfer T7 Photos With Wifi

The only way this would make sense is if you needed to transfer the images in real time as you're shooting them. This would be desirable if you were shooting an event and needed the photos to be transferred wirelessly in order to print them as you go. This is the slowest way and there are often glitches that make setting the Wifi up a challenge.

I hope this helps, E. Please let us know what works best for you to transfer your photos from your T7.



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