Live Streaming Using Canon Powershot SX420 IS

Canon SX420 IS

Canon SX420 IS

"Hi there,

I would like to know if there's any way I can use my Canon Powershot sx420-IS as a webcam to do live stream on FB or Youtube?"

Thanks for your question about using Your Canon Powershot SX420 IS as a webcam for live streaming. That seems to be a hot topic now that the restrictions from the Covid-19 pandemic are affecting how we meet and socialize.

Canon makes software specifically for some of its cameras to be used as webcams. The SX420 IS is not listed as one of them. You'll find related posts that will help you:

Please let me know how you make out,
Good Luck

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Newbie Question About Canon Powershot SX420 IS

by wendy forness
(morrilton arkansas USA)

Canon SX420 IS

Canon SX420 IS

"i am basicl just a girl whole REALLY wants to make this hobbie into a n escape for myself. bfehind the linds is an awesome feeling of completeness. So my question is $125 to much to pay or a SX420IS. i plan on keeping this, but its came from the pawn shop with none off the accessories. and dose anyone want to sell their old stuff to me?
thaks so much!"

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for your question about the 420SX IS camera and a good price for a used one. The price you quoted of $125 is probably inline with what you'll find elsewhere, but it really depends on what condition it's in.

The best strategy when buying a used camera is to make sure you can test it after you buy and still return it in a reasonable amount of time. I just bought a used lens for my Canon 70D, have tested it thoroughly over the last 3 days, and am quite happy with both the price and the condition it's in.

The SX420 IS fairly new (2016) so it has some nice technology built into it. Canon's SX Cameras have been very popular to "bridge" the gap between point and shoot cameras and Canon DSLR cameras.

Canon SX420 IS Best Specs

*20 Megapixel Sensor
*42x Zoom Lens
*Shutter Speeds of 1/4000 to 15 Seconds.

Wendy, You should check ebay for prices on both new and used SX420 IS camera to get a feel for what prices are appropriate. Some offers will include accessories and some won't.

Good Luck

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by: Mohamed

I want canon sx420is to webcam plsssssssssss

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Downloading Images From
Canon SX420 IS to Laptop Computer

by maire
(co cork ireland)

Canon SX 420 IS Camera

Canon SX 420 IS Camera

how do I download images from my canon sx420si to my laptop

Hi Maire

Thanks for asking about copying your photos from your Canon Powershot SX420 IS. You have two different ways to upload to your computer. You can either tether your camera via a cable or you can remove your SX420 memory card and use an adapter to copy the photos. I always use the 2nd method.

1. Transfer SX420 IS Photos With a Cable

These directions are also in your SX420 IS manual. Here's a screen shot from page 117 of the manual.

Uploading Diagram Canon SX420 IS
Uploading Diagram Canon SX420 IS

You can use the Canon software that you've loaded onto your laptop, or you can simply select, drag and drop the images using the Windows or Mac software to the location on your laptop where you want to save them.

2. Transfer SX420 IS Photos Using Memory Card

I prefer to turn my camera off and remove the memory card. It's much faster and I'm usually copying hundreds of image files at the same time. Many laptops have an SD memory card slot on the side and you simply slide the memory card from your camera into the slot. Depending on your laptop setting you may get a window to pop up showing the new "device" that's been attached. It not you'll find in in your laptops directory.
SD card reader
SD Memory Card Reader

If your laptop computer does not have an SD memory card slot you can use an SD card reader which has a USB connection. You will insert your memory card into the reader and then that reader will slide into a USB slot on your laptop. Then use the same select, drag, and drop method.

Maire, I hope this was helpful. Please let me know how this works for you. If not, feel free to contact me via email. bruce (at) canoncamerageek (dot) com.

Thank you,

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Canon SX420 IS Camera Macro Lens Attachment

by Derrill

Canon SX420 IS

Canon SX420 IS

New to the photography scene entirely, decided to buy a camera spur of the moment, I do a lot of macro photography but didn't wanna spend thousands of dollars. I bought a canonSX420IS. I made this purchase because Walmart had an advertisement for a 10x macro lens attachment for this camera, but it doesn't look upon arrival that any attachments for this model. Is there a slip over style of macro lens attachment that might work with this model digital camera of do I need to start shopping again ?🤦🏼‍♂️ The camera does work really well and the macro setting on the camera takes some pretty nice pictures on its own, but I'd like to get a little closer if at all possible.

Hi Derrill

Thanks for asking about a macro lens attachment for the canon SX420 IS. The SX420 IS is built with a fixed, non-interchangeable lens without filter threads. It does not take traditional screw on filters (to magnify) which could act as an attachment to get into a closer macro view of your subject.

Canon SX420 IS Lens

The 420 IS is equipped with a 42x zoom and can focus very closely to the subject. For additional magnification, I'd suggest you learn how to crop your photos afterwards to get a closer view of your subject. It sounds like you're happy with your camera, its zooming power, as well as how it shoots macro. I'd contact Walmart to see if you can clear up any confusion about a 10X macro attachment for the SX420 IS.


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