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Canon t5i Stuck in Video Mode

by Jens Rechenberg
(Menifee, CA)

Canon t5i Stuck In Video Mode<br><br>

Canon t5i Stuck In Video Mode

I just got a used Canon Rebel 5Ti. The camera will not turn off and is stuck in video mode even when I turn the power switch off. I tried to reset everything, removed the battery, and installed the update. Nothing has changed and I am still having this issue. What do you suggest I do? Your help is appreciated.

Thank you,

Hi Jens,

So sorry for your issue with your Rebel t5i being stuck in video mode and not turning off. That sounds like a short circuit inside your t5i camera body. In any case you have a few options.

Fix Your T5i Issue

1. Get the seller to take responsibility for selling you a defective product. I don't know any of the details of your purchase of your camera, but clearly this doesn't meet your expectations and basic responsibilities of the seller when you buy a camera from someone.

2. Send it to an authorized Canon repair center. Unfortunately, this is not a great solution because of the cost to look at and repair you defective t5i.

3. Get another used t5i. This may be cheaper than having yours fixed depending on several factors. You can get a pre-owned t5i in excellent working condition (including a solid warrantee) with battery/charger for less than $300 from a reputable dealer like KEH. See there adv. on this page.

4. Get a camera that is newer than the t5i. The Rebel t5i came out in 2013. Ten years is ancient in terms of technology and digital photography.

Jens, this is probably not the answer you were hoping for. If you'd like to respond with more details of the purchase situation, feel free to comment back. Please let me know how you resolve your issue with your t5i.

Warm Regards,

Is The Rebel t5i Any Good

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