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Compatibility of Canon FTb lenses With Canon 5D Mark IV

by Ken Swartz
(Las Vegas, Nevada )

Canon FTb Camera With 50MM FD Lens

Canon FTb Camera With 50MM FD Lens

I have a pre-digital Canon Ftb with a “ton” of lenses: telephoto; wide angle; macro lenses; doubler. My question is : If I am considering purchasing a Canon EOS 5Ꭰ Mark IV. Would any of my lenses be compatible? OR would it make a difference with a mirrorless Canon?

Hi Ken, Thanks for your question about using your older Canon FD lenses on a 5D Mark IV camera.

Canon FD Lens Compatibility

Canon FD camera lenses can be attached to both full frame and APS-C "crop" Canon digital cameras with an adapter.
Canon FD Lens To Canon Digital Camera Adapter
Canon FD Lens To Canon Digital Camera Adapter

There may be issues with focusing to infinity with certain lenses on certain bodies because they have different flange focal distances. If you are buying an adapter on eBay, look for glassless and infinity focus

I've sold off a couple of my old film camera lenses, so I haven't personally tested any FD lenses on any of my Canon digital camera bodies. Of course, you will not be able to have any auto-focusing capabilities and I doubt you'll achieve the same level of sharpness.

Lenses made for the EOS(and other brands) digital cameras are designed to strike the sensor at a 90 degree angle. The old film lenses were designed to have light strike the film from many angles. How that translates into sharpness issues is beyond my level of understanding.

If you do decide to update your lenses, I recommend KEH as a hassle-free way to sell your old gear. The adapters to attach FD lenses to Canon digital camera bodies are very affordable, so you're not risking a lot if you want to test out the combo for yourself. Good luck and please let me know what you decide to do.

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