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Missing images on SanDisk Extreme Pro CFexprEss 128GB card Using Canon R5

by Pauline
(Wiltshire UK)

Memory Card For Your Canon

Memory Card For Your Canon

I was commissioned to shoot some dog photography whilst at a dog show today and spent a good hour shooting and viewing the photos at various times. I then carried on shooting at the dog show for the rest of the day. There were some images also from the day before on the card. When I returned home and put them into Bridge all images were there apart from the last half hour of shooting the commission. There were over 200 images missing going by the numbers on them jumping from 5743 straight to 5992. I was hoping I would be able to still view them from the camera screen but no luck. Any ideas would be gratefully received. The customer was overjoyed and couldn't wait to receive them produced. I am heartbroken and am hoping not to have to tell her this bad news and get them back.

Hi Pauline,
Sorry for your troubles with your memory card. Sandisk is a reliable maker of camera memory cards. It's possible you have an issue with your camera. Unfortunately, I can't diagnose your issue from across the pond here in the USA. You can purchase software that recovers corrupted files and there are also vendors that offer recovery services.

I don't know if your missing photos are in a hidden folder on your card. I'm assuming you copied the entirety of the files to your hard drive before trying to open them.

The Canon R5 has two slots for memory cards. When you're shooting something important in the future, you can always write the images to both cards during your shoot to insure you won't have an issue such as this.

Good luck,

Canon Memory Cards.

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