Multiple exposures using canon connect

by L. Leon Prusko
(Terrace, BC, Canada)

Canon 80D Camera

Canon 80D Camera

I have the 80d and I can’t take multiple exposures using Canon connect.
The 90 D Canon has Bluetooth will it allow you to do multiple exposures using Canon connect?

If not is there any canon cameras that will let you do this?

What I am doing is a form of stack focusing…. But without having to move a bunch of images onto a computer….. want this for landscape.

Hi L. Leon Prusko,
Thanks for asking about Canon Connect with your Canon 80D. I don't have any direct experience with this, but I have two good resources for you to search for your answer.

Camera Connect Overview

Camera Connect* is an app that facilitates a connection your smart phone to any Wi-Fi®-equipped Canon camera.

Whether you shoot with an 80D, 90D, or other or other Canon EOS, Camera Connect makes it easy to see images and video that your camera has taken, transfer them to your mobile device, and also use your smart phone to control your camera. Here is the link: Camera Connect Overview

Setting up WIFI on a Canon 80D

There is help for you to connect your 80D to your device. Here is a YouTube video on that specific question: How to Use Wifi with an 80D

Let me know if this helps.
Good Luck,

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