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How to Adjust Color Settings on Canon SX420 IS

by Sharon

Canon SX420 IS

Canon SX420 IS

"How to change the warm and cool settings on a cannon (Canon) sx420 IS

Hi Sharon,
Thank you for inquiring on how to adjust colors on the Canon SX420 IS. You have several ways of adjusting color on your SX420 IS camera. There are pre-set automatic white (color) balance settings, custom white balances, as well as adjusting color tone (warm-cool), all depending on the specific effect you're trying to achieve. How to set a custom white balance is in the manual, but I don't recommend it for beginning photographers.

Before you jump in, you might want to read this post I wrote on my sister web site about Color Balance.

How to Adjust White Balance

Here are the instructions directly taken from the SX420 IS Users Manual for setting the white balance to get the colors to look right when you take a picture.

SX420 IS White balance Adjustment

How to Adjust Cool-Warm Tone

Your question mentioned how to adjust to cool or warm tones, so I think this is what you were looking for:
SX420 IS Tone Adjustment Instructions

Please let me know if this was helpful. If not, let me know how I can better answer your question about adjusting the color of your SX420 IS.


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Use Canon SX420 As a Webcam

by Steve Weatherill

Canon SX 420 IS Camera

Canon SX 420 IS Camera

"How can I use my Canon SX420 is as a webcam?"

Hi Steve,

You're not the first to ask about using a Canon digital camera as a webcam. It makes sense to have a camera that can do double duty. This is a popular idea in these times of social distancing because of the pandemic. Many people are turning to connecting with each other through video and are looking for ways to use a webcam. The explosion of Zoom has increased the desire to use a regular digital camera as a webcam.

The best place to look first is to try one of the utilities that Canon has for exactly this purpose. You can find the Canon digital camera-webcam software download here on Canon's website: Webcam Utility.

The last time I checked the SX420 IS was NOT listed as one of the Canon cameras that this works for, but you could also call Canon directly and see if there is a workaround. You can also sign up to be notified of future Canon EOS webcam utility software updates and releases.

Help Using Canon Camera As a Webcam

The USA Canon phone number is (800) 652-2666. If you're in the UK the phone number will be different. Others, like myself, would rather use one of the small USB clip-on-top type of webcams. That way it's conveniently attached to the top of my computer monitor and ready to go whenever I want to use it. I got mine on Amazon, but you can get them anywhere and they're very affordable. CHECK PRICES

Steve, please let us know what solution you use. It's a help all the Canon Geek readers.
Best Regards,


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Poor Video Quality With Canon SX520

by Betty

Canon SX520 HS

Canon SX520 HS

Hi. I have the Canon Powershot sx520 HS and i was wondering how to improve the video quality to make it more clear.

Hi Betty,

Sorry that you're having an issue with the quality of the video you're getting with your SX520 HS. Without seeing a sample, it will be very difficult for me to give you the perfect solution to your blurry Canon SX520 HS video. Feel free to send me a sample to bruce at I would be able to diagnose the issue much better.

With that said, the biggest causes of blurriness in both videos and still images are slow shutter speed or inaccurate focusing. The first thing you should do for shooting video with your SX520 HS is to use a tripod. That is likely the culprit in the lack of clarity in your video.

Please let me know if this helps!

Thanks so much,


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Shooting SX720 HS in Continuous Mode

by Unknown Contributor

Canon SX720 HS

Canon SX720 HS

MY PowerShot SX720HS has suddenly started to shoot in the "continuous" mode in all settings. Push the button and it takes six, seven eight pictures. How do I get it to take just ONE picture?

Thanks for your question about your SX720 HS being stuck in continuously shooting mode. Sorry for your troubles. Two possible solutions come to mind.

Either your shutter button has developed a short of some kind or it's possible you're accidentally in one of the shooting modes that uses continuous shooting automatically. From what you said, it sounds like it's happening in all your camera settings. Without seeing your camera it's hard for me to be sure.

Canon SX720 HS Shooting Specs

For the benefit of all the Canon Geek readers, here are some facts related to shooting continuously with the SX720 HS. The Canon PowerShot SX720 HS has an above average maximum continuous shooting speed of 5.9 fps. That's about a 1 frame per second advantage over the average for point and shoot cameras of the same kind.

Look for one of the following symbols on your SX720 LCD display.

SX720 HS Continuous Modes

The SX720 HS will shoot continuously if it's set to Sports Mode.

In the AUTO modes, depending on the scenery it detects, continuous shots may be taken.

SX720 HS Continuous Mode Directions

The SX720 HS is a great camera. If you purchased your SX720 HS when it was first released, it's unlikely still under warranty. Unfortunately, with cameras in this price range (less than $300), it's often too expensive to fix compared to their overall value.

Please let us know if you are able to solve this challenge.

Thanks so much,

Best Canon Point-N-Shoots

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Canon SX620 HS Exposure Not Locking

by Alex
(Los Angeles)

Canon SX620 HS Camera

Canon SX620 HS Camera

When using spot metering and using half press of the shutter, when the frame is moved the exposure continues to adjust!

Is there any way to lock the exposure during half press of the shutter? help! this is the first canon I have ever seen continue to adjust (why even have half press function, Canon?)

Hi Alex,

Thanks for your question about the failure of your Powershot SX620 HS to lock the exposure settings when you press the shutter button halfway and recompose your photo. That's unfortunate. To me, that's a desirable feature of having the 1/2 button lock feature on the camera. Although locking the focus is usually discussed as the prime benefit of using the 1/2 shutter button press technique, I agree exposure lock should happen too.

sx620 exposure failure

The SX620 HS manual indicates that the camera setting will appear in orange when the lighting is outside the limits of the camera. I'm assuming your still able to take photos. I'm curious if this breakdown still occurs for area focus setting, rather than spot metering. I don't have a SX620 here to test the behavior, but I doubt that this issue is unique to just your copy of the SX620 HS.

I know that I have the exposure lock working in my Canon DSLRs as well as my G1X Mark II. The SX620 manual specifically talks about exposure lock when the SX620 HS is put in Servo AF Mode, so perhaps that is what you should use instead.

I'm assuming you're using AE mode too. I'm real curious about this one and I hope you can let the readers of this site know what you figure out. The SX620 is only 4 years old at this point, so a firmware update would be available from Canon, too.

Keep in touch,

Comments for Canon SX620 HS Exposure Not Locking

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by: Anonymous

Turning OFF ServoAF solved it!

I take a significant number of photos in difficult lighting and get dramatic effects by using automatic exposure settings with spot metering on a very bright subject in the center of the frame then frame the scene using those settings maintaining half press of the shutter.

My experience with Canon point and shoot and G series cameras is they are very responsive and offer lots of SLR control. The SX620HS offers no manual mode and if I had not been able to control exposure I would have lost all faith..

Outstanding. Thanks, Bruce!

Great, Glad I could help.- Bruce

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Lens Cap Size For Canon SX530 HS

by Justin

Canon Powershot SX530 HS Lens Cap

Canon Powershot SX530 HS Lens Cap

How do I determine what the lens cap size is for my powershot sx530 hs? I can not find this information anywhere in my user manual or on Canon's website. I am frustrated and need a replacement to protect my lens.

Hi Jason,
The Canon Powershot SX530 HS should take 67mm lens caps with the adapter. See the Amazon link below.


(Amazon Affiliate Link):
SX530 HS Filter Kit
Amazon Affiliate Links provide me with a very small percentage of the sale with NO additional cost to you. Please support me by using my links for any Amazon purchase. Thanks!

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Canon PowerShot SX40 HS As a Webcam

by Stuart

Canon SX40 HS Camera

Canon SX40 HS Camera

Can i use a canon powershot sx40 hs as a webcam?

Hi Stuart from Seattle,

Thanks for your question about using your Canon SX40 HS as a webcam. The quick answer is no. With the raise of the Covid-19 pandemic and social distancing, there has been an even greater increase in the number of people who want to use video conferencing, Zoom, or one of a number of related virtual face-to-face, live view, internet virtual meeting methods.

Canon has software specifically for its EOS line of digital cameras, but not the Canon SX series of cameras.

This issue has been discussed in this thread too: Canon SX Cameras: Q and A

I know of several reported work-around attempts, but none that I know of that have successfully achieved a reliable way to use your SX40 HS as a webcam.

If you somehow find a solution, please let me know, as this question of using traditional Canon digital cameras as webcams, instead of regular USB webcams has been asked more than any other question.

Thank you,

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