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Use of Screen Protectors For Canon G7X M III and 7D MII

by Nigel Lightbody

Is it wise to use a screen protector on the LCD of canon cameras e.g. canon G7x Mk iii and a EOS 7D mk ii?

Hi Nigel!

Thanks for asking about protecting your Canon camera's LCD screen, particularly the G7X Mark III and the 7D Mark II.

Canon LCD screen protector
LCD Screen Protection for Canon cameras

Yes it's a good idea to protect your camera in as many ways as possible. That includes protecting the LCD screen. Here's a complete post about the different ways you can protect your camera and lens.

Canon LCD Protection

Whether your camera has an articulating LCD screen or it has a fixed screen it's important to prevent damage. The more you use and handle it in different situations then the more likely it is to experience a mishap. LCD screen repair can exceed the price of replacing the camera, depending on the age and model of the camera that becomes damaged.

LCD screen protectors come in compatible sizes for each make of Canon camera, so there's no need to worry if you can find one that fits. These screen protectors are very affordable and are a small price to pay to protect your camera.

I hope that helps.

thanks again,

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