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by Andrew Drummond
(Perth Western Australia)

Canon SL3 Camera<br>(200D Mark II in Australia)

Canon SL3 Camera
(200D Mark II in Australia)

I have some Sigma lenses which I used on my old Canon FTB. I now have a Canon EOS200Dll. Is there an adapter or whatever so I can use those old lenses on the new camera? Thanks

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for asking about compatibility with attaching FD lenses on a Canon DSLR. The Canon 200D Mark II is known as the Rebel SL3 here in America.

I don't know which Sigma (Canon FD mount) lenses you have, but many of the FD lenses are manual focus. With today's digital cameras and their sophisticated auto-focusing capabilities, manual focus is usually a drawback.

Additional you'll get the combined crop factor of 1.6X and 1.2X from the adapter makes your lenses quite a bit "longer" in focal length.

FD To EOS Lens Adapters

You can get adapters to fit the Canon compatible FD lenses to Canon DSLR cameras, including the Canon SL3. Minimum focusing distances may be compromised. Here's the link to Reviews on FD to EOS Adapters

Digital camera lenses focus the light perpendicular to the sensor whereas film camera lenses, like the FD mounts from Sigma, focus the light from many angles.
with the adapter you're also losing some of the light.
There are some many bargain EF and EF-S lenses on the market for your SL3.

Andrew, you could sell your Sigma lenses to use camera dealer, like KEH and buy yourself just one good all purpose lens, like the Canon EF-S 18-135mm.

For a more complete understanding of Canon digital camera lens compatibility see my post Lens Mount Compatibility.

Good Luck,

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