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Merging Photos in Canon 90D Camera
Using Interval Timer Function

by Peter
(George South Africa)

Moon at 1 Minute Intervals With Canon 90D

Moon at 1 Minute Intervals With Canon 90D

I recently took this photo with my 90D. The merging was done in camera. For the life of me I cannot remember what my settings to do this were. I have read the manual forwards and backwards but nothing there about using interval timer then merging in camera. It seemed to do it automatically. Every time I have tried to replicate it it simply gives a series of photos taken at the specified interval.

Hi Peter, I believe you can combine them using multi-exposure mode. Go into the red section of the menu, go to the fourth column and select
1 "multiple exposure" ---> Enable
2 "multi-exp control" ---> Additive
3 "No. of exposures" ---> Set it to what you want
4 "Continue Multi-exp" ---> Set it as continuous or single shot

Canon 90D merged interval photos

Then take your interval photos, select the first one, and merge. I was able to do the merge just taking 4 photos without the interval function enable.

Peter, PLEASE let me know if this works for you.

Canon 90D

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Using Interval Timer Function

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Still Struggling! And feeling silly. (Canon 90D Merging Photos
by: Pete

Hi Bruce. Many thanks for the help. I tried your suggestion and the photos merged but I had to take each individual photo myself. When I took the photo I used as illustration the camera automatically took the five photos at the specified interval (1 minute) then merged them automatically in camera. I still cannot find out how to use multiple images but with an automatic setting of the interval and taking of photos. The camera must be able to do it as I have got the above photo. About 9 months ago I got a similar photo of the moon so twice I have managed to get multiple exposures with the camera setting the interval and automatically taking the photos. I feel very stupid at not being able to replicate what I did! Regards, Pete

Don't feel silly Pete. DSLRs are ridiculously complex and very confusing when you're diving in deeply to a specific technique like this.

How about the Canon community:
or USA Canon support: 1-800-652-2666

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