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Will an Old Canon Film Camera Lens fit on a Digital Canon Camera

by Craig Poorbaugh
(Mt. Pleasant, PA)

Canon Film Camera

Canon Film Camera

I have an older Canon FT-b camera. I have 2 spare lenses for it - a wide angle and a 300 X Zoom that I have used with the FT-b. Will these lenses attach to a new Canon Digital Camera?

Hi Craig , It depends on the specific lenses and the specific camera. They may fit, but they likely won't work as well together as digital lenses focus the light onto sensors differently than old time optical film lenses.

You might consider buying a moderately older Canon Digital SLR (DSLR) and lens combo from KEH or another used Canon dealer. You can get excellent and capable cameras and lenses for very affordable prices because there are so many on the market.

Good luck

KEH is listed on my Canon Gear Resources page.

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Canon EOS Rebel G Film Camera and EF Lenses

by Jan
(Auburn, Al)

Canon Rebl G Film Camera<br>Shown With an EF Lens Mounted On It.

Canon Rebl G Film Camera
Shown With an EF Lens Mounted On It.

I have a Canon EOS Rebel G film camera with a 75-300 zoom lens, would the lens be compatible with a digital Rebel?

Hi Jan,

I'm not sure which 75-300 lens you have. As shown in the photo, here's an EF lens on the Canon Rebel G film camera. EF lenses will work fine on Canon digital Rebels.

Good Luck,

Canon EF versus EF-S Lenses

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Film Camera Lenses From Canon AE-1 on Digital Cameras

by Mark
(Wimberley,TX. USA)

My Canon AE-1 Camera<br>Canon FD 50mm Lens

My Canon AE-1 Camera
Canon FD 50mm Lens

Mark Wrote:

I have a canon AE-1 ~ 35mm film camera. When digital came out I put it up. It had multiple lenses that I would like to be able to use on a new camera since I'm looking to get a new digital camera now. I was hoping to find one that would take them, or an adapter that would work as an in between for the two. I could use some help on this to make a smart decision.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your question on using a older "film" lenses from your Canon AE-1 on a digital camera. It's a very complex question because of the many variables involved. The quick answer is yes, you can use your Canon FD mount lense on a newer Canon digital camera. The deeper question and more complicated answer revolves around whether you really want to or not.

Should you use a Canon FD mount lens on a new Canon Digital Camera

My disclaimer is that I have no personal experience with using an adapter to use film camera lens on a digital camera. I was using medium format (Not Canon, of course) for my professional work when I gradually switched over from film to digital. My first digital was a NON interchangeable lens camera (ILC) made by Olympus and my first Canon was just a point and shoot.

The two issues that can arise are a lack of sharpness in the corners and focusing at infinity. The maintenance of auto focus and auto exposure is also a question that individual photographers have to answer for themselves with the specific combination of film lens and digital camera they are using together. Some photographers purposely seek out that "vintage" look of an older lens.

Whether you're buying new for sure or perhaps considering used to save some money if you're just beginning in digital is a huge part of the decision, as well as the specific lenses you have and the specific Canon digital camera you're talking about. For some, the use of adapters is not a great experience.

Another factor that comes into play is the potential for mirrorless digital cameras to completely take over the market. Canon has totally focused their efforts on new lenses for their mirrorless, and have all but abandoned their efforts on EF and EF-S lenses recently. I don't know what your long term photography goals might be.

The newer digital lenses are certainly superior for image quality than the older film lenses and are designed to direct the light to the sensors perpendicularly, whereas the film camera lenses focused the light on the film at various angles.

I know this is not a direct answer to your question, but I hope it at least gives you some food for thought to help you with your transition to becoming a Canon digital shooter.

Please let us know how you proceed, as there are many other readers of this blog that would benefit from your experiences as you go forward.

My Canon Resources
Cheap Canon Lenses

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Interchangeable Canon Film Lenses
For Canon Digital Cameras

by Tom Harral
(Lenexa,KS )

Canon FD 70-210mm F/4.0 Lens

Canon FD 70-210mm F/4.0 Lens

"My Canon 70-210 & 50 lenses were purchased to be used on my Canon AE-1 camera long before digital introduced. Great Lenses.
Can these be used on New Canon Digital cameras that I am looking at to buy?"

Hi Tom,

Thanks for asking about fitting your older Canon SLR lenses on a new Canon digital camera.

There are 3 reasons why you might want to consider updating your lenses to EF or EF-S (if you get an APS-C sized sensor camera.

1. FLANGE SIZE. The flange distance may be different between the camera body and the lens. This could make focusing to infinity impossible. Mirrorless should be no problem.
2. OPTICAL QUALITY. Newer lenses are superior in design and giving you the sharpest image quality.
3. AUTO-FOCUSING. Newer lenses are all auto-focus and newer lenses are better at focusing than the original auto-focusing film lenses.

lens flange diagram

I don't know which specific lenses you own, but they may be 30 years old. The AE-1 camera was introduced in the mid 1970's.

With that said you can use adapters to retrofit your older film lenses on newer Canon digital cameras, particularly if you're on a tight budget.

Good luck,

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