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Canon 90D LCD Screen Display Playback Button

by Judy
( MO, USA)

Canon 90D Info Display Button

Canon 90D Info Display Button


I have the 90D (and love it) but I think I have accidently changed something and now can't figure out how to get it back. I shoot using the viewfinder 99% of the time, and only use the screen to look at pictures or to change settings.

When I push the playback button, the last picture I took comes up and I can scroll back through everything on the card if I choose to - but that is all I can do.

I had been able to push the playback button again and get the settings (Q) menu screen, but now it doesn't display unless I use the Q button. I was also able to change my focal point or any other settings from the screen, and now I can't.

In short, the only thing the playback button will let me do is... playback the pictures on the card.

What did I do and how can I undo it? My eyes are crossed from reading the manual trying to find a solution, which I am assuming (and hoping) is something so simple I'm going to be doing a face smack!

Thanks for your help!

Hi Judy,

Thanks for checking in. I love my 90D too! Sorry you're experiencing an issue with displaying the settings (Q) menu screen. It's quite common to get confused with how to enable different screens on the back of your Canon EOS 90D. I get confused all the time, especially because I switch between my 90D, my 5D Mark III, and my EOS R menus and screens.

Thanks for waiting for a response. I've returned from a photo excursion to the mountains.

Fortunately, it's an easy fix. The answer lies with the "info" button. See the photo at the top of this post.
To get the Q menu screen to display by using the playback.
1. Turn your camera on.
2. Press the info button once to display the electronic level
3. Press the info button again to display the Q screen you're looking for.
4. The playback button will now toggle between playing back the most recent image (or video) and displaying the Q Quick menu screen.

How to Customize Buttons and Dials on Canon 90D

Although the playback button can be set to toggle between the most recent capture and the Quick menu screen or the electronic level, it can't be customized in the menu using the "customize dials and buttons" option within the menu. See the photo below.

90D LCD Q Screen
Select this option to customized other dials and buttons on Your 90D

The customization that you can do on the 90D is remarkable. Selecting this option gives you the ability to change functions of 9 different buttons and dials on your 90D.

I hope that helps, Judy. Stay inspired. Shoot a Canon!



Canon 90D Review
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90D LCD Screen Won't Come On.
by: Susan

I JUST bought this camera from Canon themselves. I was able to program the date/time when I first pulled it from the box (after the battery was fully charged, of course!). I had an older, smaller SD card that I put in the slot. I was able to take 3 photos. When I got my new card the next day, when I turned it on...nothing! The LCD wouldn't come on, even when I pushed the menu button. I'm perplexed! Did Canon send me a lemon?

There is no way for me to answer this without having the camera in my hand, but try the old card and a fully charged battery. It's very un likely that the memory card has anything to do with your camera powering up. More likely a bad battery, but in either case, your purchase is under warrantee with Canon.

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