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Taking images of artwork with a canon G12

What are the recommended settings for taking images to display on a website.
Can you recommend any instructional videos about photographing artwork?

Thanks for your question for photography tips about photographing artwork.

The Canon G12 is certainly a good enough camera to photograph objects for use on the web.

Canon G12 Camera photo

A middle of the range f-stop gives the best sharpness. Tripod use is a must. I would shoot in manual mode and look at the histogram for accurate exposure. Shutter speed depends on the lighting you use.

There are two distinct techniques, depending on the nature of the art that you are photographing.

Flat Artwork

Usually involves two, equal 45 degree lights one on each side of the artwork, to avoid any glare, particularly if the artwork is covered by glass or has highly reflective surfaces.
It should also involve perfect centering of square or rectangular artwork and a 90 degree perpendicular perspective from your G12 to avoiding any converging or diverging lines. You can, of course correct for these effects or barrel or pin-cushion distortion with software afterwards.

Three Dimensional Artwork

Lighting should be 3-dimensional as well to bring out the depth, shapes and characteristics of the artwork. This may require a higher f-stop on your Canon G12 to get better Depth of Field

I also recommend doing a search on YouTube to find a good match for the type of artwork you are photographing.

Good Luck!

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Powershot G12

by Robin

My canon powershot G12 won't let me edit images on my camera. I can only view images using the dial. The arrow buttons won't work anymore and I can't edit pics, delete etc help!

Hi Karen,

Sorry for your troubles and thanks for your question.

I have no personal experience with this as I don't recommend doing any editing in camera. I always copy my "raw images" to the computer, archive them and then edit the copies.

I do know all of the editing functions are within the menu system and can be found around page 140-160 in the Canon g12 manual.

Here is the link: Canon G12 Manual

If the physical button itself is broken inside the camera, it's bad news.
I recently spend hundreds of dollars on fixing and updating my Canon 5D and one of my 24-105mm lenses.

You can visit the canon web site, repair center and search for the standard rate for g12 repair.

It's always a tough decision on whether to buy new or repair an older camera. There is no right answer.

In the mean time, copy all of your photos to your computer by tethering with a USB cord.

Good luck!

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Canon G12 Settings

by Teresa Skeenes
(Charleston, WV 25309)

Canon G12 Camera

Canon G12 Camera

What makes Canon g12 take a picture wherever it's turned on or set different mode?

Hi Teresa,

Thanks for your questions about your Canon G12. It sounds like it's automatically taking a photo without pushing the shutter button if I understand your question. There certainly is no intentional setting that would make your G12 do this. I am not a Canon repair expert and I don't have your camera in my hands to test it, but I would guess it is some kind of electrical short in the circuitry.

Canon G12 Repair

Being that is 10 years old, I would not recommend you send it off for repair. An estimate and its repair cost would be more than the camera is worth. Since this is more of an inconvenience that does not interfere with you proceeding to use it successfully, once you've set it, you can continue to use it, albeit while taking some photos that you'll likely not use.

This is an odd issue that I've not heard before. If you're still able to use your G12 with no other problems, keep shooting your Canon and have a blast

Good luck!

Canon Powershot G12
Canon G12 Accessories

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Canon G12 repair

by Blake
(New Jersey)

Canon G12 Camera

Canon G12 Camera

"Hi Bruce,

I have a Canon G12 camera which takes pictures with a dark blotchy spot on each picture. The blotch is larger and somewhat lighter if the lens zoom is used. I understand it might be dust or moisture on the sensor which would require disassembly to repair it. Is the camera worth having repaired and if so, do you recommend any place?



See Update below

Hi Blake,

Thanks for your question about the Canon Powershot G12!

Hard to believe that camera is now almost 7 years old. I had a G11(very similar) for several years and really liked how portable it was, the ability to shoot RAW format, and the fact that it has a hot shoe.

But, onto your question. It is very unlikely that your problem is with your G12 sensor, Since the dark spot size changes when you zoom, it is more likely a smudge of some kind on or within your lens.

Without seeing a sample photo, it is hard for me to judge. If you want to send me one that would help.

I'll assume you've checked the front surface of your lens and that it is clean and scratch free. For all the readers, here's an article on how to Clean Your Camera Lens.

To see how crazy it is to dis-assemble a Canon G12, check out this video on Youtube. You can see how involved it would be to repair a camera lens on a G12. Usually repairs like this for cameras at this level are not worth doing. You can call the folds at the Canon factory repair center. I've found them to be very helpful. They're in New jersey at (866) 510-1335.

If you're really in love with the G12 camera, it would be better to just buy a used G12 from someone with a good reputation on Amazon or from ebay, or one of the more recent "G" models. The G15 is maybe 2 years news newer, but not that much of an upgrade, in my opinion. The G16 is only 4 years old and is a bit more of an upgrade in features, except for the non-tilting LCD screen.

I personally upgraded a huge amount and splurged on a G1X Mark II after selling my G11. I LOVE everything about the camera except for the lack of a built-in viewfinder. My next upgrade is to go mirrorless. Canon's original efforts in the mirrorless camera department were dreadful with the M1 and M2. The M5 and M6 mirrorless versions are very intriguing and I can use my current inventory of lenses (with an adapter) on either one.

Blake, I hope that helps you make your decision. The Canon G12 and some of the other "G" cameras have been somewhat successful digital cameras for enthusiasts like you and me, but you might consider taking advantage of more recent technology.

Please keep in touch and let me know how it turns out for you.

Good Luck!

Canon G12 Question Update

I am not an expert on optics, but this clearly looks like there is a spec or smudge within the optical system of your Powershot G12. I flipped the one photo(so that they are both vertical) to be able to compare the location of the smudge. You can see it is in the same exact place on your images. It becomes more out of focus and larger when the lens has been zoomed. Try aiming a flashlight directly at your lens and see if you can detect anything by looking into your lens very closely, perhaps by using a magnifying glass.

The good news is that your sensor is fine. It's bad news if the smudge is internal within the lens elements, which is unlikely unless. My recommendation is to see if you can get an exact estimate from a qualified repair center. Then you can make a more informed decision based on the cost of repair, and whether to fix or upgrade.

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Macro work using my Canon G12

Canon Powershot G12

Canon Powershot G12

Dear Canon Camera Geek,

I would like to do some macro work using my Canon G12. Can you advise me
on the best accessories for this type of work using my G12 ?
Kind regards
Laura Fitzpatrick

Hi Laura,
Thanks for your question about the Canon Powershot G12 and shooting macro.
The G12 is not a GREAT camera that's dedicated for close-up shots, but with a few simple techniques, you can take some great images.

The Three Critical Must Do Techniques for Macro Photography

1. Use manual focus
2. Use a tripod
3. Use the self-timer or a remote shutter release.

The Three Preferably Techniques

1. Proper Exposure. Aperture priority gives you control over depth of field, which is critical in close-up work.
2. Use good computational technique like Rule of Thirds or leading lines.
3. Good Lighting. I almost always use natural lighting, near a window, or outside in the shade, or by using a light reflector or light blocker.

There are dozens of realted articles on this page:Macro Tips and Techniques

Hope that helps you some!
Have a blast!

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Canon G12 Lens Stuck

by Chuck
(Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin)

Stuck Lens on Canon G12

Stuck Lens on Canon G12

I have a Canon G12 where the lens is stuck in the open and extended position and does not retract. The camera shuts itself off and says that there is a lens error. Can this be repaired? Do you know of anyone that still does repair work on this model camera s Canon says that they no long service this model camera.

Hi Chuck,

Thanks for your question about your Canon Powershot G12 and its inoperable lens. Sorry for your troubles. The G12 received high praise as a premium compact digital camera shortly after its release in 2010. I had the older brother, the G11, and I loved it's pocket sized portability and the 5x retracting zoom lens.

Perhaps it's "possible" to get lucky and find a repair person, but the repair bill would definitely exceed the value of what your G12 is worth. The odds are slim that you'd find someone willing to give you a free estimate on repairing your G12.

You could easily find a used, but more recent premium Canon compact camera, in excellent condition, as a replacement instead. Canon has released so many more capable compact cameras since 2010, there are many, many used ones out there waiting for a new owner.

This is probably not the answer you were hoping for, but 10 years is a good run for a lifespan for many appliances and the G12 is no exception to that. If you've got the money, it is a great time to upgrade to a new camera too. I don't know what type of photography you shoot, but the technology being built into the entry level and hobbyist Canon cameras nowadays is remarkable.

Chuck, thanks again for your question. Please let me, and your fellow Canon Geek readers know how you make out.

Have a blast......shoot a Canon!

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