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Canon Camera for Everyday Use and Travel

by Brian Woods
(Melbourne, Australia)

G1X Mark II + 270EX II

G1X Mark II + 270EX II

I currently have a range of cameras including a Rebel T3 and a Ricoh R6 plus a Sony Cybershot.
For everyday and travel I find the Rebel too large and the others lacking in flash performance.
My thoughts are to go for an SX 50 but not sure if this is the best course.
The choice I make must include a flash performance as a priority plus of course zoom in the range of a holiday camera.
Could you please give me your thoughts.

Hi Brian, thanks for your question about the best travel camera for you. I too, have never liked the poorly-powered size and power of the flashes with these cameras. I don't think the sx-50 solves your problem because I think it may be too big, even though it is smaller than your T3.

I purchased a Canon G11 a few years ago and with my my 270ex II Speedlite, it's a very compact, easy to carry anywhere combination. If you can afford it, I love the G1X, which is Canon's superior "G" camera. Bigger sensor, 1080 HD video, Digic 5 processor, 4x zoom-could be better but it is a compact camera.

The "g" series give you both the wimpy built-in flash AND the hot shoe to add a Canon speedlite or another brand of flash. The lenses are a little limited in zoom ranges, but that is necessary to keep the camera design so small.

I also like to shoot "raw" to give me options post-processing. These cameras are no good for sports photography with their shutter lag.

Since it is more than a year old now, it costs about half price of what it was when it was first offered in the market.

Here are two short articles that are related:

Speedlite 270EX II
Canon G11

Here is the link to Amazon to see what other buyers say about the G1X:

I hope that helps. Feel free to ask any future questions. Best wishes,

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Upgrading from Canon 450D to 70D or 7D

by pashminu mansukhani

I am a part time photography doing industrial and corporate photography assignments all over India with my Canon 450D, that i purchased in Feb. 2009. Done nearly 30,000 photographs and i have a website that shows all my work.

Will upgrading to 70D or 7D make a difference in the final quality of the photographs that are given to the clients? Most of my clients require high quality images for printing.

I have the following lenses:

• Canon 18mm-55mm f3.5/f5.6
• Canon 50mm f1.8
• Canon 55mm-250mm f3.5/f5.6
• Tokina 11mm-16mm f2.8
• Tokina 100mm Macro f2.8

Or should i upgrade to 6D, a full frame?

Thanks for your question about Canon cameras, Pashminu.

My advice is that if you are proving high quality images for printing, you should be using a full frame camera. I purchased the original 5D when it came out and then the 5D Mark III when Canon first offered it.

The 6D is a great camera and is still fairly compact, much smaller and more affordable than the 1DX series.

I absolutely love the superior quality and low-light performance you get from full frame sensors.

Of course that means you must use lenses that will cover the whole sensor and lenses designed for APS-C cameras are no good for.

If you are shooting for corporate clients, you can not afford to give them anything but the highest quality images. Good Luck!

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G16 or Is It Just a Superficial Feel Good.?

by Brian
(Melbourne Australia)

Canon G15 Camera

Canon G15 Camera

Waited patiently for Canon Press day to find out what they had in store for us. From what I have seen nothing much has changed for the Powershot range. The G16 is only marginally improved over the G15 and the G1x appears to be the poorer cousin. Could you possibly share on your thoughts to your followers on the release of the G16 as compared to the other G series Powershots.

Hi Brian,
Thanks for your question about the newly announced Canon G16. It is the best in the series so far, but that should be the case every time Canon releases a new camera.

To keep up with the competition in a perpetually fiercely moving camera marketplace, Canon feels the pressure to regularly release new models before major technology advances have been fully developed.

I thought the G15 was a real nice, significant upgrade from the G12 on a couple of levels, sensor size, faster lens, higher ISO, and HD video.

The biggest desirable feature in the G16 for many photographers may be the addition of WiFi capability, particularly if you are active in social media.

Additionally the Digic 6 processor, faster auto-focus, and less shutter lag are all desired, if not earth-shattering, upgrades.

Certainly, it is a few levels above the Canon G11 that I purchased a few years back. I like the "G" series in general because of their size, professional-like manual controls, shooting RAW, and the flash hot shoe.

Happy Shooting!
Canon Geek

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Choosing Between Canon Cameras

Choose Canon 70D

Choose Canon 70D

I am shooting mainly scenic photos, currently with cannon 30D, lens L4 24-105
would quality improve significantly with 1)model 7D 2) model 70D?

Thanks for your question about the Canon 70D and 7D cameras. It is a good question because these two DSLRs have a lot of similar specs, so it is a tough choice.

My quick answer is I like the 70D. The 7D was an extremely popular offer for several years, so it is tough to go against such a popular camera.

The 70D has a slightly higher CanonGeek 4-5 rating of 93%, just slightly better than the 89.5% for the Canon EOS 7D. The 70D has a very sophisticated focusing system.

Here is a specification comparison between the 70D and 7D:

Canon 70D vs 7D.

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