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Overheating Issues With Canon R6 Video

by Sifiso
(South africa)

Canon R6 Video Screen

Canon R6 Video Screen

Good day.

Hope you are well.

I am a wedding videographer and currently shooting on the canon 90d and want to upgrade to the canon eos r6, mainly i want to purchase 2 bodies.

My problem with this camera is the overheating. I mainly want it as it performs better in low light, and because of the canon log 3 profile.

4k wont be utilized that much but of all the charts I've seen, i have seen no information about the 1080p.

I want to find out if the camera also overheats at 1080p.

Hope you can help.

Thank you.

Hi Sifiso,
Thanks for your question about overheating while shooting 1080p with a Canon EOS R6.

I don't personally have an R6, but to the best of my knowledge, the processing requirements of the data is not as robust for 1080p as it is for shooting 4k. You should not have any overheating issues when using your R6 for video.

You should make sure you get the most recent firmware updates, once you get your EOS R6 cameras.

I'm posting this, so that other R6 owners can chime in if they've had overheating issues with their R6 camera.

Upgrading to Canon Mirrorless

Coincidentally, I'm also just purchased a full frame Canon mirrorless to replace my Canon 90D. In my case, it's to have as a backup to my Canon 5D Mark III which I use primarily for portraits. I love my 90D, particularly for shooting video, but it makes more sense to have 2 full frame cameras.

Keep in touch,

Canon Mirrorless M Lineup
Compact flash for Canon Mirrorless M

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Yes, 1080p overheats on the R6
by: Anonymous


I have an r6 and detailed my experience with it overheating in 1080p here. I’ve reached out to Canon about it and they assured me that it is normal for this to happen apparently. I’m very skeptical but that’s their response.

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